May 14, 2017

Sunday. New Week. Mother's Day.

Watching a boring movie while I decide what I will do after finishing this post.

May 13, 2017


Deciding what to do the rest of today.

May 12, 2017


I have 2 RedBox codes on my site. I will post the codes that I receive that I do not use.

In the future I might have links to other free stuff.

Please support me. I have links on my site so that you can support me, allowing me to create more and better content, and...

May 11, 2017


Are you reading this? 


Are you reading my other 2 blogs?

If not, please do so.

Today was hot.

What to do now?


May 11, 2017

Last night I looked back upon my time in Ventura. I also lived in Oxnard Shores. Oxnard, CA. I lived a few blocks from the ocean though I did not go to the beach too often.

I think of the people I met while in California. Most of them I would like to meet again, a few I...

May 11, 2017

Tonight, I have been reflecting upon my time in a place called Ventura, California. The place that I now consider my hometown. I enjoyed living there and I miss living there.

I met so many people while living in Ventura. Some of those people are no longer with us, Tim....

May 10, 2017

I am alone. Solitary. 

I am trying to figure out what I will do the rest of the day and the rest of my life. I wonder if I would want to continue this journey as a solo traveler or would a companion besides my cats be something for me?

I have things I want to do but not...

May 10, 2017

Trying to decide what I will do today.

I am going to eat lunch after I post this, then decide what I shall do next, and I hope to get stuff done today.

It's interesting to hear of the passing of someone that you did not know personally but watched on a TV show. 

May 10, 2017

Sometimes, when I’m in bed alone waiting for sleep to take me from the waking world, I think about everything that has taken place up to that moment in my life as though those moments are dreams that I can forget as soon as I open my eyes.

Outside rain pours. I can hear...

May 10, 2017

Allergies. They make me feel tired.

I am watching a movie. 


I may end up going to bed soon.

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December 4, 2017

December 3, 2017

December 1, 2017

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