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January 26, 2017

Did I mention that the check for the money I won from the Dial soap sweepstakes arrived? It arrived this week.

As much as I enter sweepstakes and play instant win games I do not win that often. I enter every day. I have won a few of the Amazon sweepstakes/ Instant Win Games. Mostly Kindle books but I did win a tray to make ice cubes in and a set of laundry bags (for delicate laundry) that you place in the washing machine.

So, I was in Texas for a few weeks in August working for a non-profit part time, though it felt like a full-time job. It was an amazing experience. It was a moving experience. An experience that I will not forget.

what am I doing now? I am in the process of beginning to do some stuff. My goals include: writing more, reading more, producing web series, producing short films, recording vlogs, travel, camp, find love (maybe), and more.

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