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January 27, 2017

I am certain of nothing. I stand here wondering what I shall do in this new year but fear makes me hesitate to do anything.

I believe the odds of finding a career are not in my favor, I have applied to so many jobs that for which I am qualified, and I know that my only hope is doing something myself.

I want to produce web series but I am not located in a place with a large amount of actors and there is not a creative community located here as there is in place like New York or North Hollywood.

There is also the lacking of qualified people to volunteer as crew.

I know that the only thing I can do is go forth with the little resources I have at hand, which is not much, and attempt to produce something. I have decided to find people interested in acting and write the screenplays based upon the people I am able to find since I will have to use non-actors.

I do not know when I will begin. I have thought about doing this several times and I keep postponing the start date.

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