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January 30, 2017

Tomorrow is the last day of the month. Eleven more months to go. then 12 more. Not sure of a timeline but a friend has plans for a small production house and she wants me to be a part of it. She has told me her goal is to have in in place in 2 years.

I hope she is able to fulfill her plans. If I could do something to help her speed up the process I would.

For now, I will begin producing videos including web series and work on other things that I will now write concerning,

I hope to do more writing this year. Not just screenplays but short stories and poetry. I may not add new content to my writing web site as often as planned since no one is visiting the site.

I plan to do more photography with hopes of finding some paying gigs.

I need some paying gigs (writing, photography, and video) so that I can purchase new equipment including: LED light kits, mics, subscription to creative Suite (Renewal), Final Cut X, Pro Tools, misc video equipment, new video and photo cameras, Nikon lenses and other accessories for my photography.

My hope is that enough people will support me through Patreon that I will be able to produce better quality videos and photography. One of my goals is to purchase a Tiny House from Either Tiny Heirloom or Tumbleweed. I would also buy a truck to tow the house with. My plan would be to travel the US and do photography and video wherever I go, including photo and video fro non-profits, but I would need the support to make this happen.

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