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February 1, 2017

Today is the first day of a new month. I have a bill to pay and I am opening a new bank account today. After my debit card was stolen and not hearing back from Bluebird I have decided to go elsewhere. I would advise against opening an account with Bluebird because, after my card was stolen, they closed my account without a word from them and they stole the balance I did have in my account. Almost everything I had in my account was also stolen by the people that stole my card. Do NOT use Bluebird (American Express) because they are horrible people.

I have choir practice tonight.

I would go out and do some video today but I do not want to bring my camera to the bank. I will attempt to go out and do some video tomorrow, maybe. I have a book group at the library tomorrow evening so maybe I can make it work.

The idea of having a video to post each day like some vloggers is a tempting idea but having enough ideas for videos and feeling like walking to the places to do videos keep me from having a video every day.

When will I begin meeting with actors? I have not decided and I am still deciding where to post notices for actors and crew. I will also need locations. I am very excited about beginning to work on a web series but I am also nervous about finding actors, crew, and locations. If you want to help please e-mail me.

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