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May 10, 2017 (Good Night)

Tonight, I have been reflecting upon my time in a place called Ventura, California. The place that I now consider my hometown. I enjoyed living there and I miss living there.

I met so many people while living in Ventura. Some of those people are no longer with us, Tim. It's not easy to think about those times without thinking about the ones no longer here. I remember going to Skate Street. I remember when it opened again afterwards. The celebrating. The video games.

I remember my first time at The Bridge. I remember my first Sunday walking into the building. There was mourning for another member of the community. I recall the art on the walls. The open mic nights. Operating the jib. Sorry about that time I hit you in the head by mistake. If you are reading this you know what I am referring to.

I look back on those times I operated the camera for the arts program that used our space.

I think about the youth group I was a member of at another church. Going to Hume Lake in the Summer. Big Bear in the Winter. Chris and Sierra. Memories. Watching Captain Ron. Overboard. Wondering if we would end up stranded in Big Bear because of the snow.

The first time I went to Hume Lake. I was so early. We were meeting to leave that morning. I think this one guy was there at the same time as me of before me. I don't even remember his name. I am the worst at names so if I do not know your name I ask that you forgive me.

Hume Lake. Sitting around a bonfire late at night. A group of us and a guitar. What an amazing night that was, one that we tried to replicate the next year, but a night that was once in a lifetime material. Stand up comedy routine on another night.

I have so many memories. Only memories due to the fact that everything I owned in California was stolen from me, but that's another topic (one that I would rather not share).

I was born in South Carolina but I feel as though I am from California.

Now, I am alone. I hope to travel. I hope to return to Ventura for at least a visit in the near future.

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