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June 12, 2017 (Monday)

I am not the one that will contact anyone. I do not call people. I do not text people. I do not message anyone. The reason is that I do not have anything to say or write to anyone. I would love to hear from people but I do not have anything to say at the moment that I cannot write in a blog.

If someone were to have a desire to contact me I hope that they would be modern enough to message me via text or messenger and not want to call me. I am not sure why someone so much older than me would want to contact me. I assume they are so much older than me because they do not want to use the resources available as in texting.

I want to travel. I want to go new places. I do not have to travel and I will not stay with anyone.

I am not happy. I am not sad. Neutral, I am.

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