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Short Story

The following is a portion of a short story I have written:

I can hear the rain, on the roof, beating a constant rhythm that may only be in my head. It might be sunny outside or maybe it’s a cloud free starry night. I’m in this room, my bedroom, as I am most often these days. What else is there for me to do?

I stare at the blank walls. I would have posters but I can't decide between Star Wars and Star Trek. I know what you’re thinking. I have to chose one of them, but do I really have to chose? Why should I chose when I can love both of these franchises?

As you will notice, as if you have not already, I do not focus too well so I will jump from random thought to random thought.

Did I have breakfast yet? I think I did but each day seems like an eternal “Groundhog Day” and I am stuck in my room on the same day. It’s not as if I cannot leave my room or this house. I chose not to leave the house or room except when I absolutely have to go somewhere like the store.

I have a few friends though my contact is pretty much limited to social media. I’ve never seen the social aspect of social media. people share recipes, cat videos, and their random rants. You think I would be perfect for social media since I like to rant about random things like the color of my shoelaces, which are green because St. Patrick’s Day is approaching...

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