At the moment my photos are arranged in different galleries, sometimes there is a theme to the gallery as in my cat and other times the gallery is a mixture of various photos. I hope that you enjoy my photography. If you so desire to purchase prints of my photography or use my photography in any form please contact me. I am constantly changing and improving this site including adding new photos, so I will at some point delete older photos from the site to make room for the new photos.

Hello and Welcome!

I hope to have more to write here soon, but this is where I plan to post updates on my photography and sometimes other things in my life. At the moment I am in need of a job and/or gigs. I have no money at the moment and no bank at the moment due to an issue, which is a story for another time and place, so I am limited as in regards to travel for photography and acquiring more equipment. I have some ideas, but I'm not sure how far beyond the idea stage I will go with them, but I hope tomorrow will be the beginning of some new things. Please come back for more updates and share my web site.


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