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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Today I have plans, which is not something I do often these days, but I would like to have more days with plans. I think I could imagine having a career. I miss showing up to TV or film sets. I miss working on professional sets. It's nice volunteering for someone's project but it's not the same as showing up to a professional set.

I am going to the library this evening where they are having a "The Walking Dead" program with trivia and such. I am also going to Food Lion where I have digital coupons for 2 free items. I am also using a free code for a free RedBox rental.

I hate going to Food Lion after the poor service from my last visit but I have coupons for 2 free items. I will not buy anything else.

I think I will go to Starbucks for a drink.

I may end up going to Kmart today.


I am going to pay two household bills today. Water and electric.

Busy day...

I am uploading new videos from the parade I watched while on my trip to NYC.

I plan to continue to upload videos from my trip.

I have new photography on my site but how to get more visitors to my site and how to monetize the site and other sites I have are questions I do not have answers to...

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